Salvation: A Common Theme Across All Religions


“The point is not that God will refuse you admission to His eternal world if you have not got certain qualities of character: the point is that if people have not got at least the beginnings of those qualities inside them, then no possible external conditions could make a ‘Heaven’ for them — that is, could make them happy with the deep, strong, unshakable kind of happiness God intends for us.”


“Truly those who do evil and are surrounded by their sins will be the inhabitants of the Fire, there to remain, while those who believe and do good deeds will be the inhabitants of the Garden, there to remain.”


“It is taught in the name of R. Meir: Everyone who dwells permanently in the Land of lsrael, recites the Shema morning and evening, and speaks the sacred tongue is assured that he will dwell in the world-to-come.”


“Heaven and hell are conditions within our own beings.”


“Arjuna, my son, such a person will not be destroyed. No one who does good work will ever come to a bad end, either here or in the world to come. When such people die, they go to other realms where the righteous live. They dwell there for countless years and then are reborn into a home which is pure and prosperous.”


“When your practice is calm and ordinary, everyday life itself is enlightenment.”


“He has not lived in vain who dies the day he is told about the Way.”


“Enlightenment is a very normal experience, attainable by everyone. Therefore, there is nothing mysterious or secretive about it. There is nothing unnatural about it, either, because it follows the natural way of things.”

Modern Philosophy and Theology

“Put bluntly, doctrines of the soul and salvation may be so widespread and so consistent across human cultures because they reflect something fundamentally accurate about human nature.”



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