LLP (Love, Learn, Play) in the Life of The Prophet Muhammad

Love –

What is rarely understood by most Muslims in our times is that prophet Muhammad didn’t just believe in One God but rather that the One God was intensely and continuously loving, caring, and merciful through the formula “Bismillah-hir-Rahman-nir-Raheem”. Quran begins with it and it comes in the Quran 114 times. He even asked Muslims to repeat this formula countless times during the day by starting everything they do with this formula. Perhaps hoping that they will realize that just as the servant of the tailor is committed to stitch clothes, the servant of a God of love, care and mercy would be committed to love, care and mercy. He taught that uttering of this formula of God being love, care and mercy defeats evil.

Learn -

Prophet Muhammad lost his father while still in the mother’s womb and lost his mother at 6yrs of age. There was no chance someone would invest in an orphan’s education. Ending up as a child of desolate valleys rearing flocks of sheep and camels away from the city, he ended up being unlettered. However, he always stressed that the universe is a scripture that was giving messages to all without discriminating between lettered and unlettered. Stressing that each one’s heart should have eyes and not be blind, have ears and not be deaf and have a tongue and not be mute to see, hear and speak the truth present in the universe.

Play –

When one thinks of religious personalities the image that we generally see in our mind is of someone with the most serious face whose soul has become old and incapable of child like enthusiasm. This is another thing that organized religion has fallen into — being devoid of the virtue of play. But it has fallen into it, not that it began with it.

Conclusion –

When I got to know about the concept of love, learn and play at universal enlightenment and flourishing, I was curious to see whether this was to be found in the life and teachings of prophet Muhammad. I was happy to find LLP throughout the life of the prophet and his teachings. In fact I find my own understanding of his life to deepen when looking at him from the lens of LLP.



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